Monday, April 22, 2024

Fire Service invites the public to recruitment events at Mullingar and Castlepollard

By Diarmuid Sherry.

Westmeath Fire & Rescue Service are inviting people to visit recruitment open days at the fire stations to see if a career as a firefighter is for them. The recruitment day at Mullingar Fire Station takes place on Saturday, 2 March, from 12pm-4pm. Westmeath Fire Service personnel will be available to answer any questions that visitors may have. Castlepollard Fire Station also host a recruitment open day on Saturday, 24 February from 10am-2pm.

Joe Cassidy, Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer of Westmeath County Council, said: “Last year there were strikes and as a result there has been a new increased in posts in some of the retained brigades, mostly in rural ones.

“As part of the recruitment campaign, we have put together a number of flyers, posters and recruitment banners on social media platforms.

“The other part of it is the open days in each of the fire stations to invite interested parties and families to show them what we do. What the fire service is all about and to see if we can drum up a bit of interest to see if people would like to join the fire service.”

Mr Cassidy maintained that there were numerous reasons why joining the fire service would be a positive choice for those interested. He said: “Apart from the whole camaraderie, as a career there is a lot of training involved. A lot of the training that can be used as a day to day career outside the fire service, servicing the community.

“There is a great opportunity for career development into senior officer ranks if you have a third party degree or a health safety degree. There is a great honour in the work that they do and it is a fantastic opportunity for someone that is interested.”

Mr Cassidy explained what would happen for those who wished to continue their interest of joining the fire service at the open days.

He said: “There will be application forms available and presentations on how to make an application. They would make an application to Westmeath County Council through their vacancies website.

“There is also a QR code that you will see on any of the banners or posters throughout the town. There is an application process and once you apply you are brought in and there is a reading and arithmetic test assessment. Then there is a suitability test of the yard which is a physical test as well. Once they pass that then there is an interview process.”

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