Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Five-year plan to deliver redeveloped Columb Barracks

Part of the redevelopment of Columb Barracks, Mullingar will inevitably include some housing, but it is not the main priority and the major focus will be on community facilities over the next five years.

Helen Donnelly, Chairperson of Columb Barracks Restoration and Regeneration Committee, explained that in light of the public consultation report by the Land Development Agency (LDA), the process will now move forward and there will be an action plan put in place to renovate the existing buildings at the barracks. There is great support from the three local Oireachtas members, Minister Peter Burke, Minister Robert Troy and Deputy Sorcha Clarke for the project.

“The Columb Barracks Restoration and Regeneration Committee is very pleased with the Land Development Agency’s initial public consultation report; it is most welcome as a key step, or even a milestone, on the road ahead. The report achieves the aim of drawing together the results of the Agency’s engagement with community groups, businesses and other stakeholders who are interested in the Barracks’ future,” said Helen Donnelly.


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