Saturday, December 3, 2022

Rochfortbridge people delighted with their Community Looped Bog Walks

Although the huge area of bogland near Rochfortbridge is no longer a hive of Bord na Mona economic activity, with vast quantities of peat being harvested, more and more people from the local area have been making use of the attractive bogland walks close to the village in the past year or two, following the progress of a Community Looped Walks project at Rahanine Bog, launched by two local ladies since last year, and which has been receiving excellent support.

When Topic spoke to one of the two ladies, Mary Fallon, this week, she described how after she had begun to use the bog road down to Rahanine Bog for walking and the bog walks, she spoke with Monica Dolan about what she had found. They had then checked out the walking routes which could be availed of and were delighted to find there were at least five different looped bogland walks which local people could use. They also realised that other people were also using the bog walks. They presented the concept of official community walking routes to the Tidy Towns of Rochfortbridge and received  their support.

The road down to Rahanine bog has existed for a long time and is used for the summer turf cutting.

“We found then after we had mapped out the project, that we would need a licence from Bord na Mona for this project, and have been negotiating with Bord na Mona since then.”


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