Saturday, May 25, 2024

Mullingar teen to feature on RTÉ series this Sunday

The adventures of one Mullingar teen who swapped town life for farm life is to be showcased in the RTÉ series Raised by the Village next Sunday, March 24. Episode 1 will follow Mullingar teen, Karl Griffin, who is at loggerheads with his parents. Last summer, under the guidance of one of Ireland’s top psychotherapists, Dr. Richard Hogan, the Griffin family moved their troublesome teen to the heart of the countryside allowing them to be raised by a village.

Paula Griffin, Karl’s mother, told Topic how the whole adventure started. “I saw an advertisement on social media looking for teenagers from urban areas to try a different lifestyle,” she said. “I applied for Karl because he spent all his spare time gaming on his PC and I wanted him to move away from that and to see something else.”

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