Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mullingar weightlifter aiming for 2028 Olympics

By Diarmuid Sherry
A Mullingar weightlifter is hoping that qualifying for the 2024 World Championships will kickstart a journey to qualify for the 2028 Olympics. Ailbhe Ní Mhaoilmhichíl earlier this year in the 2024 European Weightlifting Championships placed 25th in the 64kg weight category. She lifted 78kg in the snatch category and 96kg in the clean and jerk category, equalling a combined 174kg in total, enough to qualify for the 2024 World Championships in Bahrain should she hit the total again this year.

“Now I have hit it, there should be no problem” said the three-time Irish record holder.
Making the achievement more impressive is this year was designated to be a development year. Ailbhe said: “My coach, Mike O’Leary, is really just focused on developing my strength and make me strong because I have gone up a weight class this year from 59kg last year to 64 kg this year.

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