Thursday, May 30, 2024

New IT system will greatly benefit hospitals and patients

An innovative and exciting high-tech early warning system, developed by a top-ranking Portuguese IT company, a system which has already saved lives, was launched  in Mullin-gar on Monday by the impressive local IT consultancy firm, Midas Technologies. The remarkable monitoring system is capable of helping Irish hospitals staff to reduce hospital deaths and  to produce savings  – even in the first year of operation – and without huge inputs.

As reported in Topic when we spoke to Midas CEO Niall Hearn recently, he explained that they were very excited about teaming up with DevScope, the Portuguese software development company. The plan was to launch their valuable new VITAL product in Ireland, realising that it could be of major benefit, capable  not only  of improving efficiency and saving costs, but more importantly, in helping to save hospital patients’ lives.

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