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P. R. Coyne & Sons – Top class in their ‘field’ (literally!)

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Anyone that has a garden probably knows the name P. R. Coyne & Sons and anyone who has dealt with P. R. Coyne & Sons know that they are top class in their ‘field’ (literally!). This family know all there is to know about lawnmowers and the level of knowledge, customer service, after sales service and competitive prices that they offer are just some of the reasons they are still in business today, almost 20 years from when they first started their own business.

The P. R. Coyne Family

Paul and Rosemary Coyne (P. R. Coyne) are originally from Ballinabrackey. They opened their lawnmower business in Edenderry in 2003 and the speedy growth of the business meant that they had to move to a larger premises. They re-located to Clonard in 2008, where they are now (on the R148, Dublin Road, Clonard) and business is going from strength to strength. Paul, Rosemary, Kevin, his  younger brother Daniel work in the business and loyal employee Owen is the workshop manager. As Daniel is going into 6th year in secondary school this year, he helps out during holidays from school and is keeping his options open for the years ahead.

We spoke with Kevin Coyne, who is now the overall business manager of the company. Kevin tells us that his father Paul started working in the lawnmower business in 1985 with his brother and soon realised this was a niche market. Taking on the Husqvarna dealership in 2003 when they opened was a key move, as was moving their premises to the Dublin Road in Clonard in 2008.

Paul Coyne and his son Kevin Coyne in their Husqvarna dealership in P.R. Coyne & Sons, Clonard.


P. R. Coyne’s main business is lawn and garden maintenance, being one of the most central dealerships for the Husqvarna brand in Ireland. Coyne’s stock lawnmowers of all types (pedestrian, sit-on, strimmers, tractor mowers), with the robotic lawnmowers being their best seller for the last five years running. Coyne’s also stock other important garden maintenance machinery, such as chainsaws, hedge trimmers, garden tractors, leave blowers and brush cutters.

Kevin was very excited to let us know about their star product, which is the Husqvarna Automower® – a robotic lawnmower! Kevin was just as excited to say how happy they are with the Husqvarna agency and the fact that they have just been named as the first dealership in Ireland to stock the brand new GPS lawnmower, one of which is operational on Ballinabrackey GAA Pitch at present.

Some of the Husqvarna products for sale in P.R. Coyne & Sons, Clonard.

The Husqvarna Automower – Robotic Lawnmower

One might think that the word “robotic” means that the joy of gardening is taken over by a robot but that’s not the case. As Kevin explains, “this machine gives you time” without taking anything away from you. The Automower still needs a “handler” so to speak but the innovative technology behind the Automower means that the machine can be operated at any time, from anywhere in the world, using a combination of satellites, app technology and precision installation. The Automower will give you a 90% – 98% complete cut, with only a small bit of strimming required for awkward bits of the garden not accessible to the machine.

Coyne’s have clients throughout the Midlands, including Mullingar, Athlone, Offaly, Meath, and further afield in other parts of Ireland. They offer a first class collection and delivery service for their products and an after-sales service that is second to none. Kevin tells us that the Husqvarna brand offer two years warranty with all products, adding a key point “we won’t sell you anything we can’t fix”! Kevin is conscious of offering environmentally friendly products also and is happy to be including more battery operated machinery to their product list.

This is the future of lawnmowers – the Husqvarna Automower – Robotic Mower.

Giving Back To The Community – Keeping It Local

Kevin stresses the point of how they value all their customers and most importantly, those in their own local area. He tells us they are constantly “giving back” in forms of sponsorships, vouchers, and various special deals and offers. As Kevin proudly points out, they would not be where they are today without loyal clients.

Give P. R. Coyne a ring today for all your lawnmower requirements. Their telephone number is 046 955 1910. They are contactable by mobile telephone  on 087 289 8917 and by email on: . There are regular promotions on offer so it;s advisable to join their mailing list, by sending an email to: .

In fact, Kevin concludes the interview by letting us know that they have their Autumn promotion running at present until 30 September, offering great deals on the majority of products, but especially on chainsaws, blowers and brush cutters. There’s no better time to kit out your shed with all the essentials you need for garden maintenance, from the professionals – P. R. Coyne & Sons, Clonard.

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