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Sarah Jane Foster bringing four live shows to Fleadh ‘23

Local media personality Sarah Jane Foster said she is “beyond excited” to be working on four live shows during Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann in Mullingar for TG4.

The SJF Productions owner was involved in three live shows for the broadcaster during last year’s festival and, following huge viewing numbers, they have decided to add an extra show this year.

Sarah, who is also a regular contributor on RTÉ 2FM, said last year was so much fun working on the Fleadh, and she can’t wait to be a part of it again this year.

“It’s amazing to be a part of something so special and historical in Mullingar where I’m from. It was a huge success for TG4,” she said.

“I’ll be working alongside Power Pictures from Galway, the producers of the Tommy Tiernan Show, who will be producing four live shows for TG4 at the Fleadh this year.

“Last year we did three 90-minute shows and I believe it was their most successful shows at the Fleadh since TG4 began broadcasting the Fleadh.”

She said 413,000 people tuned in over the three nights, helping TG4 reach its highest viewing figures in over a decade.

“To be part of that, something so big, was amazing and so much fun. We had lots of Irish music, song, and dance, which was broadcast from the Fair Green car park. It celebrated each of the provincial Fleadh’s one by one so people from all over the country had the chance to play, which was lovely.”

Working with Dáithí Ó Sé was also a great experience, said Sarah.

“He’s so charismatic, so professional. One day he asked me for a tour of the town, and we brought him around to all of the businesses where he chatted with people and took pictures with everyone – he’s a really nice guy.”

While having undertaken a number of presenting roles over the last year, such as the recent Westmeath Bachelor Competition, Sarah said she’s “chuffed” to be working in production for TG4 which is her ‘bread and butter’.

As the granddaughter of Mick Foster, traditional Irish music runs deep in Sarah’s family.

“I definitely would have grown up with traditional Irish music,” she said.

“It was Mick’s first love, and he would play trad every day growing up. It was special to have the Fleadh here last year and share that experience with him. The last time the Fleadh was in Mullingar he was 15 and he was competing. I don’t even know if the Fleadh will be back here again in my lifetime so to celebrate it with him here was magical!”

TG4 will broadcast live from Mullingar from 10 to 13 of August.

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