Sinn Féin ‘Tsunami’ hits Westmeath

Deputy Sorca Clarke and her family pictured at Athlone Institute of Technology, following her election to the 33rd Dáil.

The Westmeath and Mullingar end of the Longford-Westmeath Constituency, on paper, was fortunate to emerge with two TD after a General Election last weekend that, as we saidc a week ago, can only be compared with the only previous Saturday election in December 1918.

Back then, the Irish people voted for Sinn Féin candidates, rebels who had been seen as untouchables two years before, after the 1916 Rising, but now became the fulfilment of Yeats’ famous ‘Easter 1916’ poem, as his prophecy of “utter change” became a reality.

From this newspaper’s perspective, the 2020 Election has produced results the likes of which hadn’t been seen in half a century, changing not only the local scene, but making a lasting impact on the country that won’t ever return to the same equilibrium.

The big question is, to where will it bring us, as we face into an uncertain Brexit future, but for the ordinary voters, feeling pain in so many quarters for too long, what they voted for was “no more of the same, we want changes and soon” – and it was Sinn Féin who picked up the vibes, and got the overwhelming response.