Thursday, December 1, 2022

Splendid wood carving details the history of St Loman’s Hospital

Former employees of St Loman’s Hospital, Mullingar unveiled a splendid wood sculpture on Monday to celebrate the hospital’s history and commemorate those who have worked, lived and died at the facility over the years.

The sculpture, carved from native hardwood, was produced by Richie Clarke, a talented local wood carver and includes symbols which explain the history of the hospital.

The spectacular carving was made possible through the sale of a book on the history of St Loman’s Hospital and contains some remarkable detail, standing as a memorial to all those associated with the hospital for over 160 years.

The specially carved hands are a symbol of care and the work done in providing care to those who have needed it over the years. The big chimney, now a local landmark, is also included, as is a swan which presents Westmeath. The crucifix remembers the 1,257 people interred in the old St Loman’s Cemetery from 1907 – 1970.


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