Terrifying motoring incident shocked local referee

Tullaniskey roundabout after the incident on Wednesday evening, 15 July.

Mullingar resident and well-known GAA referee, Kenny Gunning was returning home last Wednesday evening, 15 July, when he had a miraculous escape near the town from death or serious injury, after a speeding SUV overtook him on the incorrect side, narrowly missing his car as it shot past, before striking an N52 roundabout kerb and sped on.

The terrifying incident happened at the Tullaniskey roundabout, Mullingar and the speeding SUV, which was being chased by Gardaí, almost crashed into other motorists as the driver embarked on a shocking and reckless escapade.

It was a major Garda response with several Garda cars giving chase at this stage.

“I think I put my hands over my head when I saw the car speeding up behind me. I was sure I was going to be struck, but it overtook me and another car that was directly behind me, on the inside and crashed into the roundabout. I’m amazed it didn’t overturn at that stage, but the driver managed to steady it and keep going,” Kenny recalled.