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The Great Outdoors – right on our doorstep

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There are many reasons why we should all do our best to get out and about at least once a day, if not more, not least to keep active and physically fit.

Now that the country is opening up again, venture out and do something different; take part in some fun outdoor activities; take up a new outdoor hobby; go for walks and get to know your area better. The fresh air and a bit of exercise will be exactly what most of us need.

The physical and mental benefits of outdoor exercise and activities can best be described as a tonic. Most medical experts would agree that outdoor activities boost your mental health, which makes your physical exercise more beneficial. The beauty of being outdoors too of course is that it’s free; walking, cycling, climbing, swimming and so much more – all free and fun to do.

Here in the Midlands, we are blessed with beautiful lakes to swim in, endless miles of greenways and walkways to walk, jog and cycle on, top class golf courses to play a few rounds, as well as an abundance of outdoor activity centres to experience a range of different fun activities either alone or with family and friends.

We often forget what we used to do as children but have a think, and get your own or local children in your area involved in fun outdoor things, such as flying kites, making bubbles and clouding the outdoors with bubbles, playing good old fashioned classic outdoor games such as skipping, red rover, tag, hula hooping, roller skating to name a few. Start off a street art trend by drawing with chalk on your road.

One shower of rain will wash it all away again but street art can inspire many. Even activities like washing the car; planting a garden, making bird feeders, painting rocks – all are activities that you can do outside your own front door and that will get you moving and creative.

Our advertisers offer something different for everyone so take a few minutes to read through the adverts and make a plan TODAY – to get outdoors more.

You can visit the Alpacas in Cullion Beg on Friday, play a few rounds of golf on Saturday at the award winning Rathcore Golf Club near Enfield, and finish off your weekend on Sunday with some outdoor fun in Derrymore Springs, Killucan.

Can you believe that just outside Mullingar, we have an Andean Alpaca Farm? Located in Cullionbeg, these lovely furry animals are friendly and fun to spend a few hours with, no matter what age you are. Believe it or not you can even do a bit of yoga with the Alpacas as well as some trekking; nothing too strenuous, just fun and a new experience! Check out the Andean Alpaca website and book your slot today

Andean Alpaca Farm.

Just outside Killucan is Derrymore Springs, which doesn’t offer just one activity but a whole range of activities from fishing, to rafting, kayaking, playing aqua golf, and pedal boating-for those who want to take it easy on the lake!

This is a very well run, fun activity centre and a place where you will definitely want to return to many times after your first visit. Visit Derrymore Springs website or Facebook page and give Pat a call today on 087 7174336, to book your slot for some fun days out.

Derrymore Springs, Killucan.

Ideas for Outdoor Activities
It’s not just the children who should be outside playing; we can all benefit from the Vitamin D, the light and fresh air offered to us daily by nature. These factors play a huge role in our emotional and psycological well being also. You may be stuck for ideas on what to do outside as we are still limited with what we can do until the country opens up fully again; here are a few ideas to help get you going:

1. Go for a walk (or a jog). Get competitive by committing to walking for a week, set a timer to see how far you can walk in five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, etc. This could become your new addiction!

2.  Ride a bicycle. We never really forget how to do this so dust off your saddle and get on the many trails that we have on offer all through the Midlands.

3.  Go on a nature walk; collect pine cones, acorns, nice leaves. These can be used for making potpourri later on.

4. Film an outdoor movie; whether it be the buzzing bees and birds in your garden, your children, or just noises – get outside and get involved in capturing the moments.

5.  Have a picnic; whether it’s just you or with friends or family, there is something unforgettable about an afternoon dining outdoors. The whole family can get involved in the planning and clean up and planning menus can be so much fun. You’re brain will thank you for the time off from the screens!

6. No need to spend a fortune on pedicures, try walking barefoot in the grass or even better, on a sandy beach. Your feet will be as smooth as silk afterwards and you’ll feel great also – guaranteed!

7.  For those who are not so energetic, find a shady tree or a park bench (or a hammock) and read that book you’ve always wanted to read.

A golf course steeped in history, offering its clients both challenge and a beautiful natural getaway from their everyday life, Rathcore Golf Club is a thriving hub for golfers near and far.

Rathcore Golf Club.

Located just four miles from Enfield, Rathcore’s location offers natural beauty, with the rolling hills of Co. Meath in the background. The course is very easily accessible from all directions and the main theme of the glowing reviews from clients is that they ‘never tire of playing’ at Rathcore.

The curation of the course is known to be amongst the best, with 18 holes of various challenge, each with its own unique elements.

Rathcore Golf Club is a beautiful country sports venue with stunning views and a prestigious historical pedigree. Two ringforts were discovered when the course was being designed, including one motte that dates back to the Anglo-Norman period and of immense historical weight. Although these historical monuments have been incorporated into the course, they have been given the respect due to them, and are incredibly well looked after by the grounds staff.

Unique water features, tree-lined horizons and generous greens allow for an adventurous feel in the wide-open space Rathcore offers. The high standards of the course have earned it a myriad of prestigious sponsors, such as Gordon Elliot stables, Leinster home and windows, Fast Floor Screed, Supervalu, and Drumlargen Construction. The sponsors allow the course to maintain the high standards of excellence, in tandem with Rathcore’s on site professional trainer, Colm Dunne.

Rathcore should definitely be on your list of places to play golf at and booking now rather than later, is highly advisable. Check out the website of Rathcore Golf Club and call Andy Christie on (Tel) 046 954 1883 to book your game.

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