Wednesday, June 19, 2024

The Jealous Wall – callout for local actors and singers

Have you a face for radio? Would you like to be part of an exciting new arts project?

If so, Don Mortell wants to hear from you! Producer of the 2023 Christmas Carol project, Don is looking for artists, writers, actors, singers and creatives from all backgrounds to lend their voices to an audio play adaption of The Jealous Wall by Leo Daly.

The Jealous Wall, entrusted to Leo’s lifelong friend Brendon Colvert, tells the story of Mary Molesworth who, at the age of 16, was married to Lord Belfield Robert Rochfort, later becoming the Earl of Belvedere.

On returning from his travels, Robert accused Mary of having an affair with his brother Arthur, incarcerating her for over thirty years and forbidding anybody to speak to her, even her own children.

If interested in taking part, please make contact with Don at as soon as possible as he hopes that this play will feed into the proposed Leo Daly Arts Festival this August.

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