Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tributes paid after death of Sir Ray Tindle, owner of Midlands 103

Tributes have been paid to the veteran local media proprietor Sir Ray Tindle, who died last Saturday, April 16, aged 95.

Sir Ray began his career in publishing by running a newspaper on a troop ship taking him to the Far East.

After returning to the UK, he acquired his first newspaper title in London, the Tooting & Balham Gazette, with his £300 demob payment.

In the coming years through a series of launches and acquisitions the group, under the collective banner of Tindle Newspapers Ltd, now owns local papers and radio stations covering large parts of England, Wales, the Channel Isles and the Isle of Man. Midlands 103 is the sole investment of the group in Ireland.

Managing Director at Midlands 103 Will Faulkner said Tindle’s ultra-local philosophy was one of the key reasons behind Midlands 103’s success.

“Midlands 103 was Sir Ray’s sole investment in Ireland and he held the station in great affection. While other broadcasters diluted their localness, especially as large corporates took over, community values remained enshrined in Tindle Radio. Being relevant is why Sir Ray’s stations command such large audiences to this day.”

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