Waiting for vaccine to resume normal activity “crazy”, says local Professor

Professor Kingston Mills. Photo still: The Tonight Show/Virgin Media Television.

Mullingar Professor Kingston Mills has this week spoken to Topic about his views regarding the progress made by the people of Ireland in terms of slowing down the spread of Covid-19 and he told Topic, of ways in which he believes a resurgence of the disease can be avoided.

Prof. Mills, said, he believes that sport can resume and people can return to different activities in their lives without having to wait for a vaccine, which may or may not come. Prof. Mills said that the procurement of a vaccine should not dictate when and if life returns to normal.

“I’ve heard it said, particularly in the sporting world, that certain things won’t resume until we have a vaccine and I’ve said this to other journalists that this is crazy: the idea that we would wait for a vaccine that might never come. Suppose the epidemic disappears in six months to a year without a vacccine becoming available? Are we still going to wait until the vaccine comes before resuming normal life?” he opined.