Sunday, June 23, 2024

Walsh goal breaks Westmeath’s hearts, but all to play for against Derry

By Paul O’Donovan
This could be described as ‘the one that got away’. Frustration, certainly. The Westmeath senior footballers had gone step to step with a very good Galway side but in the end one moment decided the game and left Westmeath players and supporters heart- broken that they had played so well, put up such a great disciplined display and yet came away with nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Obviously Westmeath manager Dessie Dolan was bitterly disappointed at having lost the game, and in his post- match interviews it was clear to see his frustration, but when the dust had settled and time passed by the sky became a little clearer, a little brighter. Westmeath still have a chance, a decent chance of getting out of the group and qualifying for the next stage.

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