Thursday, June 13, 2024

“Why have we been ignored for six months?” wife of accident victim asks

“What I want to know is why my personal requests to the Council, that something be done right away  to make this bridge safer for pedestrians, were totally disregarded,” Mrs. Marie McNamee of Millview, Milltownpass, told Topic last week, after inviting us to meet her at the  spot where her husband lost his life.

Her query came just days after the Westmeath Coroner, Dr. Wilfred Hoover, returned an inquest verdict of misadventure when considering the accidental death of  Mrs. McNamee’s 63-year-old husband, Walter, on the night of 28 December last, and a garda, Brian Craven,  told the coroner that the bridge parapet “wouldn’t be the safest by any means at that height.”

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