Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2023 Westmeath property sales surpassed €300m

1,249 properties valued at €338,499,542 changed hands throughout Westmeath in 2023, according to Property Price Register figures. The highest sale stood at €5,630,837 for multiple housing units at Farranshock Park in Rathgowan. Eight sales broke the €1m mark in Westmeath in 2023, and the average price for properties was €271,233. The second most expensive sale stood at €5,275,000 for a site at Ballinafid, Multyfarnham, with eight other properties.

Multiple properties at Cornamaddy Drive in Gracefields came third at €4,815,286. A sale of multiple housing units in Bowers Mews was the fourth most expensive at €3,313,039 as units sold at Cormaddy Close, Place and Avenue completed the top five with a €3,052,940 price tag.

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