Club Focus: Enduring spirit of St Loman’s is to be greatly admired

Top: The 2013 St Loman’s, Mullingar side that won the Westmeath senior title. Bottom: The 1963 St Loman’s, Mullingar side that won the senior title.

There was a time when the St Loman’s GAA Club, Mullingar was in danger of fading into the abyss, but the spirit and determination of hugely committed and determined volunteers ensured it survived. The rest, as they say, is history.

It’s remarkable to think that the Mullingar club, whose impressive facilities on the Delvin road are the envy of most other organisations, is now the only club formed from a direct link to a Mental Hospital that is still surviving. All other clubs around the country with a similar profile have failed to survive, their struggle to bring through players eventually catching up on them.

St Loman’s are the exception. They survived because they had people with vision and worked diligently at underage development over the years. The threat of extinction did knock on their door, too, particularly during the 1970s and ‘80s, but they refused to entertain it, instead redoubling their efforts in an all-out bid to survive and men like Liam Davitt and Liam Martin were pivotal in these difficult times. Not only did the club survive, it went from strength to strength.