Wednesday, June 12, 2024

End of an era as beloved Mullingar coffee shop closes

A sea of sadness swept through Mullingar last Friday, 31 May when one its most iconic coffee shops closed its doors for the last time.

The Spiced Bean, which opened in October 1996, has served the people of Mary Street and Mullingar for over a quarter of a century with Aidan and Delia Mulligan at the helm during that time. Fresh was always the order of the day at the Spiced Bean, with the waft of Delia’s baked goods turning the heads of passers-by.

What Mullingar is going to do without her scones is anyone’s guess. For the regulars, the ever-cheerful Aidan was always a source of local happenings. Little happened in Mullingar without Aidan Mulligan hearing about it.

Mary Street and Mullingar is losing one of its most formidable duos. How lucky we were to have them.

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