Expression of Interest sought for Mullingar coworking space

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With many workers returning to their regular working lives in the coming weeks, attention has turned on whether the traditional working life and office has had its day and if a more flexible approach is needed.

Prior to Covid-19, thousands of early-risers in the Mullingar area were commuting to and from Dublin on a daily basis, robbing themselves of approximately twenty unpaid hours every week.

Many of these will return to the daily grind in the coming weeks, however many will continue to work from home.

For those with the choice of working from home but with the desire to have some human interaction, coworking could be a suitable option.

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A very recent phenomenon, coworking has seen a growth in popularity in the past number of years and is set to play a major role in many worker’s lives in the future.

The concept of coworking is straightforward: multiple people work in the same location but for different organisations or purposes. The community aspect of coworking acts as an agent for creativity and innovation, with workers from many sectors under one roof.

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