Monday, July 22, 2024

Fleadh ’22: 29 streets set to be closed off in draft plan

An area in Mullingar covering around 200,000 sq.m. will be pedestrianised for the Fleadh with areas inside the perimeter designated for food stalls, emergency services and public bathrooms – and if your car is left where it shouldn’t be, it may be towed away.

A draft plan which was revealed this week makes it clear that this will be the biggest event to come Mullingar in the history of the town, such is the scale of disruption and proposed street closures.

Residents within the Fleadh zone may face parking problems, with 29 streets ear-marked for closure in the draft.

It is not known at this stage if residents’ parking permits will remain valid for the period of July 31-August 9. The proposal is currently open to public consultation and objections may be made.

The draft is the work of the local authority, local gardaí, the fire and emergency services, the Chamber of Commerce and the Fleadh organising committee.

Vehicular access to these streets will be totally unavailable during the 10 days and fully pedestrianised. Any car parked on any of these roads from 10am on Sunday, July 31, will be towed by a nominated tow-truck operator, according to the Council’s plan.

A map also outlines possible areas on the town boundary where parking will be encouraged as well as bus drop-off points. For more, see this week’s issue.

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