Sunday, July 14, 2024

Local first-time mothers prepare for their first Mother’s Day

By Lorraine Murphy
At Mullingar’s Baby Café, this Mother’s Day will be the first for many local women. Located at the Community Games Hall behind the Mullingar town band hall, the café is ran by long-time Community Mother Carol Liston. Carol came to Mullingar when her daughter, now aged nineteen was just six months old. Wanting to help people in the same boat, she signed up to Westmeath Community Mothers as a volunteer and after years of experience and training, joined the staff at Women’s Community Development.

“At the café, mums connect and support each other, Mum to Mum,” Carol said. “We offer a listening ear in a non-judgemental space and a bit of empowerment in uncertain times. Mums might wonder if they are doing things right and we encourage them to trust their intuition, ask what they think themselves to build up their confidence.  It’s social too,  something to get up and out for, to get dressed and turn up for.”

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