Sunday, April 21, 2024

London to New York (and back!) in seven hours: Mullingar man recalls glory days of flying Concorde

It’s seldom you meet someone who has travelled from Heathrow in London to New York and back again, in the space of just seven hours, but last week we discovered that a Mullingar resident and his wife did exactly that – and they have the official certificates to prove it.

Though retired now for some years, Gerry Doran, a Castlepollard man who has lived in Mullingar for decades, is well known in the town because of his close involvement in establishing its first piped television service. But not very many know that he and his wife achieved something unique in the 1990s – after he had won the “flight of a lifetime” – what the organisers called a ‘Champagne Flight for Two on Concorde’.

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