Saturday, June 15, 2024

Major crisis averted as lorry smashes through wall into garden

By Paul O’Donovan
“I thought it was an earthquake”, said one resident, when he emerged from his house to find an overturned truck lying in his front garden. Local residents living in Tullanisky, Mullingar had an extremely fortunate escape last week when an accident occurred resulting in a lorry overturning and ending up in the front lawn of a house. The accident occurred on Wednesday of last week, 17 April, at 1.50pm, when a lorry travelling on the Rochfortbridge Road from Gainstown heading towards Mullingar, on the R400 crashed.

It appears the driver of the refuge lorry lost control and swerved in towards the ditch on the left hand side before the lorry veered back across the road and struck a garden wall before flipping over several times and coming to a sudden halt in the front garden of a house.

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