Thursday, May 30, 2024

Minister for Enterprise Peter Burke aims to support ‘exceptional businesses in Mullingar’

Minister Peter Burke became the first ever representative from Mullingar elected to cabinet when Taoiseach Simon Harris reshuffled the Dáil’s inner sanctum on Tuesday, 9 April. The newly-appointed Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment is enthused by the opportunity and hopes to have a positive impact in his hometown: “We’ve a lot of exceptional businesses in Mullingar it wouldn’t take long to go around and see the quality employers,” Minister Burke (41) has told told Topic.

“I think we should never ever take for granted the brilliant employers we have right in the heart of our town. Each of them with hundreds of employees. Each of them on their own. That’s one thing we should never ever forget. Sometimes people take for granted or flippantly say there’s no employment in Mullingar when it is phenomenal the number of good solid employers that are actively looking for work.”

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