Saturday, June 15, 2024

Moate man challenges Oireachtas on disability access

Moate man David Digan was part of a group that spoke to the Joint Committee on Disability Matters in Leinster House on Monday, 8 April. David — whose lower left arm was amputated following a motorbike accident — was joined by Jamie Kent from Waterford, Mick Mac Aogáin from Wexford, Paul Fitzsimons from Dublin and Jane O’Keefe from Cork. The delegation represented a group of 26 and the Moate man has dubbed their cause the Primary Medical Certificate Fiasco. David and other disability advocates have sought revision of the criteria for a long time and he said it was the same old story at Monday’s meeting.

“We were glad to have our voice heard but as quoted from a government speaker in the Seanad [Senator Erin McGreehan], there was nothing new that came out on Monday,” David told Topic.

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