Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mullingar mother urging people to buy a purple rose on 65 Roses Day

By Lorraine Murphy
Local woman Stephanie Kilmurray, whose youngest son Ciaran (8) lives with cystic fibrosis, is urging people to support Cystic Fibrosis Ireland on Friday, 12 April, and help it to meet its fundraising target of €300,000. She spoke to Topic about the impact research and drug advancement has had on her family’s life and why 65 Roses Day is so important.

“Ciaran was one of 35 children in the country who was left without access to Kaftrio, a life-changing drug for anyone with CF. After a year of campaigning he got access to the drug and is doing really, really well but there are lots of children out there that aren’t. There are certain genotypes that there is no particular drug for at the moment so raising money is vital to continue the research and support the children who are struggling, because there’s lots of them.”

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