Thursday, June 13, 2024

National Learning Network providing great opportunities

Meet Mark from Edenderry, former Sports & Rec Student who chats about how returning to education has transformed his life.

“I was working in construction, predominantly roofing for 20 years. I decided to change my career and lifestyle as I was battling alcohol addiction. My life was upside down.  I tried everything from meetings to going to the gym every day. My counsellor from Merchants Quay suggested doing a course in NLN Tullamore and the Sports and Recreation course really stood out.

“While at NLN there were days I felt overwhelmed and anxious because of home life or just bad days, NLN have a brilliant support service which I availed of.  I have gained good computer skills and how I speak and treat people has changed.  NLN run centre buses across the county and Ger would collect me and drop me home every day. Along with the course modules, playing soccer, day trips, cooking classes and other development classes, you can learn essential life skills, interpersonal skills and most of all gives you back your confidence and self-worth, two priceless factors.

“I feel going back to education was the move that really helped me. I am now on a path where I can see a future for me and my children. NLN gave me the start I needed to get where I am today, like structure, made some great friends and a head start with navigating my way around a computer.

“My life today is great, I enjoy each day as it comes, before joining NLN I dreaded each day.  I have just finished my first year of my Level 7 in Applied Social Studies in Athlone Institute of Technology and I am happy. When I finish my degree, I want to work with teenagers, especially those from marginalised backgrounds and try to make a difference in their lives.

“I feel that doing the course at the NLN really changed my life and the centre is a great starting point for anybody of any age to start or change direction in their life,” said Mark.

Contact National Learning Network Tullamore on 057 93 18300/tullamore   

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