Thursday, June 13, 2024

Panto is gone, but it’s still the biggest Christmas deal in town

The 2020 Mullingar Pantomime Group’s plans for their most ambitious Christmas Show – under the severe Covid-19 rest­rictions – with the youthful cast due to stage a staggering 39 performances in the space of less than four weeks, in order to make their 2020 “Snow Queen” viable, were shot in the head last weekend, when the Government refused to give the go-ahead for live shows, while permitting cinemas to open.

With the town of Mullingar looking really attractive, thanks to the great 2020 effort to put in place a new set of Christmas street lights on more of the main streets than ever, and two modern-looking Christmas trees at Market Square and Dominick Square, the Westmeath capital is looking its best despite all the gloom and doom circulating, and the blow to the 2020 Panto.

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