Saturday, September 30, 2023

Soaring energy bills hitting even middle-income families

By Claire Corrigan

We’re all feeling the pinch and when Topic asked local charity worker Brian Fagan how people are coping with soaring energy costs and inflation, his response was simple: “They’re not.”

He continued that he was disappointed to see not only a rise in energy costs but standing charges. “It’s bad enough the increase in electricity but they’re increasing the standing charge. What possible reason could they give for that?”

Mr Fagan has been involved in the local Christmas Food Appeal for many years now and said that in the last week, “you are looking at between 20% and 30% increase in costs across the board already – and that’s four months before Christmas”.

He went as far to say that “people are down to a choice and it’s quite serious – warmth or food. During the summer, the thing is that heating isn’t an issue but now coming into the winter, it is becoming something people are concerned about.


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