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World Safety & Health at Work Day, April 28th

World Safety and Health at Work Day, 28 April 2022

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual international campaign to promote safe, healthy and decent places of work. It is held on 28 April and has been observed by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) since 2003.

A national occupational safety and health culture is one in which the right to a safe and healthy working environment is respected at all levels, where governments, employers and workers actively participate in securing a safe and healthy working environment through a system of defined rights, responsibilities and duties, and where the highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

These past two years, more than ever before, safety and health in the workplace has come under the microscope because of the challenges posed by the pandemic. The measures which employers and employees have had to adopt to work in a safe environment, has afforded everyone the chance to realise the importance of every cautionary steps they have taken to stay safe. This is also true when looking at the bigger picture of safety and health in the workplace; safety and health matters that may have been lapsing in the past were given the opportunity to be included in the recent overview of all safety and health related aspects of the working environment. New legislation has also been brought into play these past two year with regard to working from home and sick leave pay.

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work focuses on strategies to strengthen national occupational safety and health (OSH) systems to build resilience, in order to face crises now and in the future, drawing on lessons learned and experiences from the world of work.

Safety and health are key elements of any task and ensuring we as employees and employers pay heed to these key points will ensure a productive and happy workplace. For those who are office based, good safety and health practices may be something as simple as how we sit at our desks or knowing where the nearest fire extinguisher is, that require attention to ensuring a safe work place. Similarly, those of us who work outdoors, whether it be on a farm, or driving or indeed cycling, that which we spend most of our time can be considered our workplace and we must ensure a mindset of always putting ‘safety first’.

Review the advertisers in this feature, all of whom are locally based, and make a note to give them call to ensure you, your home, office and workplace are up to date with safety and health standards.

Statutory Sick Leave In Ireland – Sick Leave Bill 2021

Tormeys Solicitors LLP

Tormeys Solicitors LLP in Athlone are experts in the field of Employment Law and their experts advise both employees and employers on the best working practices, including sick leave.

Ireland is one of the few advanced European countries without a statutory mandatory employer sick pay scheme. The Government now intends to ensure all workers are covered by a sick pay scheme regardless of the illness.

Sick Leave Bill 2021

In June 2021, the Tánaiste obtained cabinet approval to draft the Sick Leave Bill 2021 (Bill), which is currently making its way through the Dáil and Seanad. The intention of the Bill is that a new employment right will be created providing all employees covered by the Bill with a minimum entitlement to three paid sick leave days per year from their employer. The intention is that the Bill will provide a base level of protection to all employees and that existing less favourable sick pay arrangements will be rendered null and void.

If you are an employer and would like to know more about this Bill or any other legal response to health and safety aspect in the workplace, please contact Tormeys Solicitors LLP for advice at 090 649 3456, or email info@tormeys.ie .

Keep Intruders out of Your Workplace

Keepsafe Alarms

Keepsafe Alarms based in Mullingar, offer the best safety practises to your business and your home all the year round, by providing reliable and cost-effective security solutions, using the very latest in surveillance technology.

Keepsafe Alarms have been in business since 1983. They are licensed to trade in security systems under The Private Security Authority (PSA) and are certified under the National Standards Authority of Ireland (N.S.A.I), which means all their Intruder alarm systems and closed circuit television (CCTV) are installed to EN 50131-1 certification standards.

Offering a range of products which they install and maintain, including fire alarms, CCTV, intercom / PA systems as well as wired and wireless alarms, Keepsafe Alarms also repair and upgrade any existing security systems you may have.

Keepsafe Alarms have a dedicated and experienced team who are well qualified to advise clients and tailor alarm systems to suit individual requirements. These systems can be monitored 24 hours a day through a monitoring station, which informs key holders and authorities when an alarm activates.

Get in touch today with Keepsafe Alarms to make sure you get the most professional assistance available when reviewing safety aspects of your business and residence. Telephone Keepsafe Alarms on 044 937 2168 or email: info@keepsafealarms.ie

Safe and Health at Salutem Advisory

Salutem Advisory & Training

Every day is World Safety and Health Day at work for Salutem Advisory & Training.

Based in Tullamore, Salutem Advisory & Training are Health and Safety Training and Consultancy specialists in the Midlands that provide professional advice to a broad range of industry sectors in all areas of occupational health and safety, including first aid, accident investigation training, health and safety management, bullying and stress management, to mention a few. Salutem Advisory are certified trainers and offer online, one to one and company tailored training courses and webinars on a wide range of Health and Safety related areas. They also offer businesses the mandatory Covid Business Response Plan, which is now a Health and Safety requirement for all businesses by law.

If you have any queries regarding our training or consultancy services, please contact Salutem Advisory & Training on Tel 057 93 50026 or by email on: info@salutemadvice.com

Protect your Business with Company Insurance

Insurance for small businesses is important for many reasons. It provides certainty against events that could destroy a small business or financially decimate the business or sole trader. Having worked hard to build up your businesses and assets and all could be lost through an event that could be covered by a relatively inexpensive Insurance Policy. Most insurers have packages that are suitable for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • When consumers are trying to choose which sole trader or small business to engage with that they will seek out companies that are fully insured. The fact that the company has insurance provides protection for the consumer which the value and the fact that a company has insurance shows a level of professionalism and responsibility on behalf of the insured company.
  • It shows they are committed to protecting themselves against events that could harm the business and protecting members of the public and employees against injury and damage caused by the company.

Peace of mind

As a business owner, there is enough to worry about  without worrying about events that could harm or destroy a business. This could be losing a valued customer or supplier, changes in the market or economy or problems with employees. Another very important threat to the business is from potential insurance claims. This could be from Property Damage, Business Interruption, Employers Liability or Public / Products Liability. If not properly insured any of these events could destroy a business or financially ruin a sole trader.

Abbey Murphy Insurance

If you would like to discuss your insurance options whether for your home or business contact Abbey Murphy Insurance on 044 933 3066. 

Treat your Staff and yourself to the services of Chem-Dry

Treat your staff and yourself to the services of Chem-Dry this World Safety and Health at Work day!

The service provided by Paul Donnelly and his team, who own the Chem-Dry franchise in the Midlands is second to none. They are a world leader in carpet cleaning, and also offer cleaning of upholstery, leather, oriental rugs, stains, tiles, stone, grout, both inside and outside properties, as well as servicing office and commercial spaces.


Chem-Dry’s mission is helping people live healthy lives, which starts with clean carpets both at work and at home. They have a proprietary hot carbonating extraction cleaning process, which penetrates deep into the fibres. An important point to note about the majority of Chem-Dry’s products is that they contains no soaps or detergents making it safe and non-toxic for humans and pets. Chem-Dry also use 80% less water than typical steam cleaning so carpets dry in hours instead of days, making it the safer and more convenient carpet cleaning choice.

Contact Paul and his team at Chem-Dry today, on 085 854 8968 for a no obligation, free quotation.

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