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Fairgreen TV – celebrating 40 years

Mick McCarthy set up Fairgreen TV, Mullingar in 1984 and is this week celebrating 40 years in the business of selling top model televisions, domestic appliances, mobile phones, computers, gaming accessories, and much more at his premises opposite Columb Barracks. An audiovisual specialist, Mick is ready to provide you with whatever you need, be it televisions, laptops, tablets, CCTV systems, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, mobile phones, or servicing and repair for your household appliances.


A native of Kenmare, Co Kerry, Mick McCarthy be­gan a lifetime of experience with television and electronics when he started working with Radio and Television Rentals (RTV) in 1976. RTV rented out entertainment appliances in a time when prices were beyond anything affordable to buy, and Mick trained and worked with them for nearly a decade before branching out on his own. “Back then it was the old valve televisions; technology has certainly come a long way.” Mick started his business in 1984 opposite Columb Barracks and has prevailed for 40 years selling the most modern technology available.

“We appreciate the loyalty of our customers so we want to make sure all of our products are up to date and the best quality technology.”


Fairgreen TV has a range of different services available for all media lovers and homemakers. While the recession is officially ‘over’, there are many who rightfully still watch their spending habits, and would prefer to repair their products rather than replace them outright. Fairgreen TV offers an efficient and inexpensive repair service for every make of television, including the most up to date on the market, ensuring that you won’t be left without for long, and your product remains in top shape for years to come. Mick and the team take care of all repairs, servicing, and reconditioning themselves, and with over 40 years of experience in the television business, your goods will be in the best of hands. You can also avail of Fairgreen TV’s rental service to save on spending with competitive rates on their televisions and other domestic appliances. Fairgreen TV offers free installation for all products, as well as a three year warranty for white goods.

The range of high quality stock at Fairgreen TV.


If you take a wander down to Fairgreen TV by Columb Barracks, you will see first hand the range and quality of equipment and appliances on offer today. The premises are packed with the very latest in home entertainment and domestic devices. Television is where Fairgreen truly shine. “When I started with this business, 28 inches was the biggest size television for the home,” says Mick. “Now we go all the way up to 84 inches.”

Fairgreen TV offers a variety of televisions to suit all homes, styles, and budget, covering Samsung televisions for the very best quality, and JVC which is less expensive. Fairgreen’s main white goods supplier is Nordemonde, offering groundbreaking technologies, quality, and excellence.

On the computer end, there are a wide variety of laptops to suit all needs, from a basic home computer to gaming laptop systems, capable of running all of the latest game releases. You can have you pick of smartphones at Fairgreen TV with current models of iPhones and Samsung smartphones all available. You can also put in an order and Fairgreen will source any model within a few working days. For CCTV systems, Fairgreen staff members Sebastian Kolugh is ready and waiting with the experience to install many of the security systems sold at Fairgreen TV every week.


With the arrival of the Covid pandemic to Irish shores in 2019, Mick’s services were never as important, with a surge in business experienced. “I converted my phone to my mobile, so I was I was constantly in contact with people and I just delivered stuff to their door. It worked very well. With people working from home, there was a lot of extra work with WiFi. People were looking to boost their WiFi signals at home so we were able to provide the necessary equipment.”


Mick says he has had many happy years behind him at Fairgreen TV and looks forward to many more happy years ahead. “Many of our customers have stayed with us throughout our 40 years, and it’s greatly appreciated,” Mick says. “Hopefully we’ll have many more years ahead of us.”

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