Wednesday, June 12, 2024

‘I’ve been really lucky’ – Mullingar actor’s star continues to shine

By Lorraine Murphy
Soulmate Wanted, the hit short movie, has just returned from the North Carolina Film Festival. Mullingar’s Jemma Curran plays lead-character Gwen in the short which has been selected for the Rhode Island International Film Festival, the Kerry International Film Festival, Limerick’s Richard Harris International Film Festival and the Dublin Comedy Festival, enchanting audiences wherever it goes.

Jemma told Topic about her instant love for Gwen, her inspirations and her plans for the future. “From the moment I read the description of Gwen, I got her and really, really wanted to play her,” she said. “She had this awful, lonely time during the pandemic and pays someone on Etsy to draw her soulmate before going looking for him. She’s so lovely, the kind of character you’d want to be your friend. I wanted to play her so much that it freaked my Dad out because I’m not usually like that. I’ve never had that gut feeling before about a part.”

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