Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Jason Keelan: “Olympic Gold for Ireland GAA?”

I had the pleasure of, once again, meeting the now-Chairperson of Canada GAA, Kerry Mortimer, in Mullingar last week. Kerry flew in from Ottawa to represent the Maple Leaf nation at the annual GAA Congress in Newry (of course the chance to see Christy Moore in the Mullingar Park Hotel was a bonus). With over 20 clubs stretching from Halifax to Vancouver, it is one of the most widely spread county championships on earth.

Kerry played at full-back on the Canada Camogie side at the GAA World Games in Derry last summer. These game were, for the near-2000 players there, a huge highlight in their Gaelic sporting life. Part of the GAA Congress is the GAA World Games brief where the main figures in the global game gather to see where the sport grows in an ever-increasingly globalising planet.

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