Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kilbeggan Fire Station hosts Road Safety Awareness Day

By Larry Cooney

A Road Safety Awareness Seminar for 2017 Transition Year students, including a forum-style discussion, took place in Kilbeggan Fire Station last Thursday morning, 30 March.
Teachers and students from the local Mercy Secondary School were the guests of the local Fire Service who outlined the crucial role they play in a typical road traffic collision (RTC). But the main emphasis of the morning was on preventing quite preventable RTCs, many of which led to the 187 deaths on Irish roads being recorded last year.
The Fire Service were represented by Sean Coffey and Chief Station Officer Stephen Heffernan who covered the subject of their role in a typical RTC.
Hosting such a morning was the brainchild of Sean Coffey who was reconstructing an event that had taken place seven years previously.
And after a two-hour session, there can be no doubt that the morning proved to be a resounding success in terms of presentation and road-safety fact-finding and statistics for all those teenage students present, many of whom had yet to take control of a motor-vehicle.

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