Monday, April 15, 2024

Mullingar comedian signs to talent agency

By Lorraine Murphy.  Dympna Little, better known as Dimplestiltskin on social media has just signed to Marvel the Agency.  With 131K followers on Instagram and 44.5K on TikTok, Dympna’s success has been years in the making. “In school I wasn’t Loud Mary or anything,” Dympna told Topic, “but I was always messing with friends and family. I’d make silly videos at home and send them to my group chat with my two sisters and my mother. They found them funny and told me to put them on Instagram so I did. It’s really blown up in the last three years.”

Dympna started to put out content regularly, making up sketches off the top of her head and doing stuff that tickled her but finding her tribe took time. “At first people were asking if I was alright, they didn’t get the humour. After a while I found my people and their people found their people. There was a lot of sharing in group chats and it took off from there. We’re all just having a laugh together because life is hard and humour helps.”

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