Monday, April 15, 2024

Mullingar to celebrate musical legacy

With just over three weeks to go, excitement is building as Mullingar gears up for the much-anticipated St Patrick’s Day Festival. The festival, which takes place on Saturday, 16 March  and Sunday, 17 March, promises to be a weekend of vibrant celebrations, showcasing Mullingar’s musical legacy. Kicking off the festivities, will be the St. Patrick’s Eve event at Mullingar Harbour on Saturday, 16 March. Billed as “as enchanting evening by the waters” attendees can enjoy live music, performance and refreshments, setting the stage for a memorable night.

Families are invited to Church Avenue and Castle Street in Mullingar on St Patrick’s Day from 1pm for children’s entertainment, including a puppet show live from the viewing stand, music, and more. At 3pm the town is set to come alive with the St.Patrick’s Day Parade, which promises to be a colourful procession weaving through the heart of Mullingar, showcasing community spirit and creativity.

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