Monday, December 11, 2023

New Handball Club formed in Clonkill

By Paul O’Donovan

A new handball club has been formed in Westmeath. The new handball club is situated in Clonkill GAA grounds and two of the Clonkill and Westmeath handballers – Eoin Price and Niall Mitchell – have been behind the formation of the new club.

Speaking to Topic this week about the formation of the new club, Clonkill hurler Eoin Price said, “I suppose the idea came from Niall Mitchell and myself. We have been talking about forming a handball club in Clonkill for the past few years. Now that I have retired from playing hurling with the county I have a bit more time and I have always been interested in handball. Niall is a very talented handballer. He played a lot in NUIG and can play to a very high level. We started playing in Mullingar Handball Club in Springfield, and then came up the idea to start a club in Clonkill. So basically we contacted Handball Ireland and went through the proper process of setting up a handball club with membership and rules etc.” said Price.


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