Monday, July 22, 2024

Record year for local Daffodil Day support

By Lorraine Murphy
Marie O’Toole, co-ordinator of the Mullingar Daffodil Day fundraising committee, has said all signs point to 2024 being another brilliant year for the Irish Cancer Society fundraiser, which took place last Friday, 22 March. “There’s a real buzz, a real momentum around Daffodil Day,” she said. “It’s palpable. People are so generous and while we sell pins and other stock, many don’t ask for change.”

Although Daffodil Day is about fundraising, Marie says meeting people is also an important aspect of the day. “We love to take the time to talk to people and listen to their stories. Sometimes it is their own story, sometimes it is that of a family member. People always stop and share, whether they had a positive outcome or they lost a loved one. It’s not always positive unfortunately which makes this even more important.”

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