Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Rescued lamb is latest addition to Ballynacargy farm

By Lorraine Murphy
Last week, Matilda ‘Tilly’ the lamb arrived to Gráinne and Chris Murtagh’s Westmeath farm in a jumper and a nappy! “We’d got a call a from a girl to say she had a lamb in her house,” Gráinne said. “She’d been out horse riding and found Tilly abandoned and her mother dead. Thankfully, she brought her home and called us. She’s almost two weeks old now and settling in great but she’s half out here, half in the house because she needs feeding every four hours. She follows Chris everywhere because he is bottle feeding her.”

Tilly was introduced to the other rescued animals on Murtagh’s Organic farm in Emper, just outside Ballynacargy, including their most recent addition Peppa Pig, who is now ten weeks old.

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