Thursday, September 21, 2023

Roz’s holiday heart pointing to the Midlands

Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, a tourism strategy run by Fáilte Ireland, is using social media ‘influencers’ to increase tourist footfall in Westmeath.

An influencer is someone who has a large online following and, in one case, Rozanna Purcell, who has 500,000+ followers on Instagram, was paid by the Hidden Heartlands team to have a holiday in Westmeath.

“We have a number of influencers that we’re bringing into the county,” said Paddy Matthews, the head of Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands.

“We had a very successful example last year with Roz Purcell. Some of what we did with her went viral and we got some huge hits online.

“She has over half a million Instagram followers, and it’s been aimed at people who follow her, so they are the people we were trying to influence.

“Rozanna Purcell posted a series of photos around Athlone last August and told her followers she “can’t wait to go back again, the heartlands have stolen my heart”.


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