Saturday, September 30, 2023

Sky’s the limit for Westmeath filmmakers, says local director

An ambitious local filmmaker from Roch­fortbridge, Liam Hall Walshe, believes that Westmeath has the potential to be a centre of excellence in Ireland’s film industry.

It’s an exciting time for locals interested in film as Mullingar looks set to be the home of Ireland’s largest studio, Hammerlake Studios, within the next year.

The 450,000sq.ft. campus will bring with it lots of opportunities. Liam wants to take advantage of this by setting up a collective of like-minded people aro­und the county who would work together to nurture local talent.

He says that networking is the first step towards building a successful film industry; “I want to bring people together and make films together and see everybody learn, and then go off to make their own exciting projects.

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