Sunday, June 4, 2023

Stop the lights! Members debate traffic problem at Dublin Bridge

By Claire Corrigan

A number of members discussed issues relating to traffic at the Dublin Bridge with the topic highlighted when Cllr Andrew Duncan (FG) called for a filter light to be installed on the eastern side of the Dublin bridge, to enable westbound traffic to turn onto the Delvin road safely.

He was told this matter will be referred to the traffic light maintenance contractor to examine and evaluate the implications for the operation of the junction.

Mayor Aoife Davitt (FF) said she had suggested the removal of the red bulb from that set of lights at the location as “there is two sets of lights for the people on the Delvin Road” and that’s where the issue is coming from, she felt.

Cllr Duncan said there is an issue for those coming from the Dublin Road, “there is no filter light, so you have to cross oncoming traffic and find a gap” to get across.


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