Friday, March 31, 2023

The 16th Man: “Three fascinating football finals lie in store”

“Logic sunshine”

When I started out as a scribe many moons ago, I ran into a very smart official who uttered this patronising remark as I, in my naivety, queried why I couldn’t photograph a certain scenario that was about to cause them embarrassment. I could have actually taken the photo without even asking as it was a public scene, but in any case, I didn’t argue and backed off.

As we look ahead to the football finals in Westmeath, and wonder how they will pan out, the same “logic sunshine” phrase jumps out. Logically, St Loman’s, Mullingar, appearing in their eighth final, should have too much for The Downs. And Shandonagh, who, let’s face it, could still be senior, ought to be too good for a Tubberclair side that was junior two years ago. Meanwhile, Multyfarnham simply must be too strong for a seasoned Bunbrosna outfit (not that I mean to be dismissive or disparaging). It is, after all, logic.

But, will these results materialise and is there a chance that any one, or two, or even all three could go the other way? Of course. That’s the beauty of sport; it’s never certain. So, the three football finals are not foregone conclusions, no matter what the ‘experts’ say.


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