Tuesday, February 7, 2023

“There needs to be more debate when it comes to Covid” – Scally

Bulk of new track aimed at Covid-19 crisis

By Claire Corrigan

Ethan Scally’s new single ‘The fu*ked Up World’ dropped last week and the musician spoke to Topic about the deep meaning behind the new rough and ready track and its accompanying video which touch on a number of issues that have made headlines over the past year.

Ethan said the song was written “from the perspective of being extremely frustrated with the Government’s handling of the coronavirus and various other scandals throughout the year”.

“There were a number of sexual assault cases, particularly high profile ones, that seemed to be swept under the carpet and level of justice delivered to victims seems to be quite minimal. Also the Mother and Baby home scandal and how the Government handled that was something else I had given a lot of thought too.”

The bulk of the track is aimed at the Covid-19 crisis that swept across the world a year ago. “I wanted to write about how the government are currently handling the coronvirus and the lockdowns and restrictions etc. I had all of that swimming around in my head for the last year or so.”


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