Sunday, October 1, 2023

“Worn out trying to get help” – local mother pleads for school for her son

By Claire Corrigan

Christmas is just a few days away – season of goodwill and of gift-giving –  but for one local mother, the greatest gift she could receive would be if she could find a school within reach which her 8 years old eldest son, who has special needs, could attend and be helped.

Diane Kelly from Dysart, Mullingar, has three young children, and Christmas day and every day, she and her partner are faced with the daunting daily challenge of coping with two of them, who have special needs. Her eldest son Jack (8) has been out of school for over two months, with little hope of finding a place in the near future without special intervention.

“Look at the amount of children looking for school places this year alone and there are perhaps one or two places in Educate Together school, where my youngest boy wouldn’t be able to cope. If there are just two places, where in the name of God are all these children going to go?” Diane asked us.


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