Sunday, June 23, 2024

Finea man anticipates poetry book launch

Finea man Phil Lynch will celebrate the launch of his new poetry book Moving On in Dublin on Sunday, 28 April at 2.30pm. The launch will take place at Books Upstairs, 17 D’Olier St in Dublin and will feature guest speaker Anne Tannam, the poet in residence in Poetry Ireland.

Phil grew up in Tullyhill and is currently living in Dublin. His new collection of poems explores his upbringing and the personalities that shaped him. The Tullyhill man used the collection to memorialise his parents and weave a tapestry of consciousness.

“It was intentional that I was trying to leave down some sort of a marker of them because they lived and died in the pre-internet age,” Phil told Topic.

The poet explained that he was already working on a collection when he was inspired to remember his parents in writing. This became his “central objective” with the project. Phil said “There is all sorts of other stuff” included in the new collection. The collection also features poems about the environment and dedications to people past and present.

“I don’t write about any particular themes or topics that I’d be identified with. It’s whatever is happening in the head at the time,” he said.

“It’s a mixed bag. I wouldn’t be able to put a description on it. It’s very much my way of expressing my thoughts and emotions on whatever may be going on at the time.”

This is the poet’s second poetry collection following on from 2016’s In a Changing Light. Phil will also represent Westmeath for Poetry Day Ireland on Thursday, 25 April when a poet from each of the 32 counties will read one of their poems on the Eat the Storms poetry podcast.

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