Thursday, May 23, 2024

‘It’s a nightmare’: Lufthansa strike leaves Canoe Polo Club stranded in Lithuania

By Diarmuid Sherry.  Members of Mullingar Harbour Canoe Polo Club are currently stranded in Lithuania due to transport issues, following what was a successful trip to play an international tournament. The club had travelled to the city of Alytus, 100km from Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, for a five-day trip for three days of international competition, competing against teams from Czechia, Poland, Denmark as well as host teams from Lithuania.

Included in the 38-strong group were 28 youths aged from 10 to 18, who were part of four separate teams representing the club. Group leader, Ivan MacDonald said: “We are stuck in Lithuania. We are supposed to be flying back on Monday, 19 February but Lufthansa have called a strike and our plane is grounded.

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