Monday, December 4, 2023

Loaves to match Mullally’s? – New cafe and bakery goes down a storm

The cafe is offering takeaway teas and coffees from their special takeaway hatch

Grove Caifé agus Báicúis is a brand new and vibrant cafe run by the Wallace family, who are owners of the property, and this week it served delicious in-house baked breads and the finest of coffees to suit everyone with a comprehensive menu which includes breakfasts, lunch, soups, yogurts, granola and freshly baked goods.

“I always thought Mullally’s Bakery was an institution in Mullingar when I was very young. Their bread was very popular. It’s gone nearly 40 years but you still hear people speaking about it. We won’t be on that scale but we are a small batch bakery.”

Such was how Brendan Wallace, local businessman described the thinking behind the new bakery and coffee shop he has opened at the corner of Grove Street, Mullingar.


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